Thanks Mr Airport Security Man for saving my skin

I HAD a most pleasant surprise at Dublin Airport last week. I was off to Newcastle to film an interview at the university.

It was an early morning flight, and I thought I had successfully completed my "perfect-packing-procedure".

The bag was the right dimensions to fit into the pocket-sized Ryanair bag checker. I also had my clear plastic bags for my toiletries because one of the hundred annoyances at Dublin Airport is having to pay €1 for two plastic bags that probably cost 0.0000001 cents to produce.

I confidently made my way to the security check, and there it was. My expensive pink cleanser. In a 200ml bottle. What an idiot. I knew there was no point in fighting, I knew that the security guy would just plonk the bottle into the big bag of killer cleansing products, the ones that could kill a pilot with one brush of smothered cotton wool over the face.

As the man who was searching my bag took out the product, he looked at me with a sad face. He brought his face close to mine, and asked: "Is this expensive?" I told him it was and he smiled.

Now this is where a whole new reality began for me at Dublin Airport. He told me to go to Boots, buy two empty 100ml plastic bottles and come back.

When I returned, he personally poured the pink cream into the two empty containers. I couldn't believe it. He told me it was a new policy to be more helpful to customers who have made this mistake.

It is one less annoying thing that now happens at Dublin Airport. Only another 99 to go.