Temp Head

The following styling products cover hair care from beginning to end. There's something for everyone here -- oils, sprays, creams -- but will everyone find something to their liking?

OJON Damage Reverse: Instant Restorative Hair Serum, €20 HHHII

Okay, I hate greasy hair the way I hate littering (hate!), but this concoction actually works better on dry hair than on damp, which wrecked my head. Not literally, because literally, it made my hair smell nice, and look and feel beautiful.

REDKEN Nature's Rescue Radiant Sea Spray: Time-Touch Hair Fragrance, €17 HIIII

Sometimes I use shampoos that smell so gorgeous, I wish that my dry hair would be as fragrant as it was when it was wet. Redken purport to solve this dilemma with a spray that has scent, and is also meant to give off shine. It does neither to any great effect.

ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil Sublime Hair Enhancer, €14.99 HHHII

This is more than an oil that you can use as styling product -- it works as a treatment as well. I found it especially excellent to use on dry hair pre-shower, and as an overnight treatment as well. Takes some planning to get the best out of this lot ...

MOROCCANOIL Hydrating Styling Cream, €28.45 HHHHI

I was as afraid of the cream as I was of the oil, because, seriously, it doesn't take much to weigh my hair down. This was light as feather and, oh, the scent off this! It is delicious, kind of powdery but clean. The littlest bit smoothed out the frizz and gave my layers gorgeous movement. A larger bit may make you unhappy, so careful!

BATISTE, Dry Shampoo €2.39, HHHHH

Hello, cult product! I have had very bad experiences with dry shampoo, but not with this one. Aldi's offering comes in the original scent as pictured, and then a couple of fruity ones. Stick with this one: a couple of spritzes on the roots and you've got amazing second day hair. Or even a third day! Amazeballs.