Temp Head - head to head



Ferguson: No one in the game can boast more experienced than Ferguson; he has seen it and done it numerous times over both in Europe and at home.

Mourinho: It seems only the other day that he was the new kid on the block, but Mourinho now has more than a decade in top-flight management under his belt, including domestic league titles in four different countries, plus two Champions League and a Europa League win.


Ferguson: He thought he was the master but he met his match when Mourinho arrived on the scene in the Premier League.

Mourinho: Instead of going for the jugular, as he did with Wenger and Benitez, Mourinho talked about Ferguson like his favourite uncle, and the tactic worked.


Ferguson: Has the knack of achieving a great balance to his teams, and how many times have his substitutions paid off? Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the 1999 Champions League final to name just two.

Mourinho: For a head-to-head match, Mourinho probably shades it even over Ferguson. Remember how his Inter Milan side triumphed over Pep Guardiola's all-conquering Barcelona team in 2010?


Ferguson: For all of his legendary hairdryer treatments, Ferguson still knows when to put an arm around his players, and you would be hard pushed to find one who would speak ill of him.

Mourinho: He also appears to inspire complete loyalty from his players. Once a Mourinho man, always a Mourinho man.