Teen sent to Scotland over sat-nav theft

Tom Tuite

A teenager who has spent about half his life in the care system has now been sent by the HSE to a therapeutic unit in Scotland.

The 16-year-old Dublin boy, who stole a car's sat-nav device, has been bound to the peace for two years on condition releasing him to take up the placement in the Kibble Institution, a high support unit for problem children in Paisley, Scotland.

The boy, who has spent nearly half his life in care, had pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to the theft which occurred on July 17 last at Buckingham Street, in central Dublin.

The boy, who has several criminal convictions for robberies, had previously refused an offer to be placed in a special care unit for troubled teens in Sweden. He had been in custody on remand pending the outcome of his case at the Children's Court yesterday.

Judge Eamon O'Brien heard that the HSE had been granted an order by the High Court to place the boy in a secure children's care unit in Scotland.

In October 2009, he had been placed on probation by the court for six months after he terrified two 14-year-old boys when he threatened to slit their throats during a robbery.

He also received a suspended sentence for taking part in a burglary on March 2009 in which he and an accomplice stole €2,000 worth of property, including a 42-inch TV, from two south Dublin apartments.

A social worker had said previous care home placements he had been given had broken down because of "his aggressive behaviour".

He had been offered a placement in a care facility in Sweden for troubled youths but he turned it down.