Teen robber took wallet then forced man to ATM

Sonya McLean

A TEENAGER who robbed a man of his phone and wallet before escorting him to the nearest ATM and forcing him to take out cash has been given a four-year suspended sentence.

James Flood (19) was on bail for an earlier robbery when he sat down beside Waterford man James Bradley (32) outside the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin. The victim initially thought the teenager was looking for a cigarette and ignored him when he asked: "How's it going bud?"

Flood then reached around the back of Mr Bradley and said he had "something" with him before he pushed what the victim later described as "something hard", into his side.

He then forced Mr Bradley to hand over everything from his pockets, including his wallet, cigarettes and phone but then let him keep two cigarettes and his house keys.

Flood then turned to the man and said: "This is the way this is going to work. You are going to go to the bank machine" before he continued to hold the item to Mr Bradley and forced him to walk on.


Garda David Campbell told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that Mr Bradley was shaking and trembling with fear and he thought Flood was capable of anything. He did as instructed and "repeatedly" withdrew cash from the ATM until he reached his daily limit of €300.

Flood, of Ruthland Court, Summerhill, Dublin 1, pleaded guilty to two robberies on South King Street on April 23, 2010.

He is currently in detention for attempted robbery, robbery and assault causing harm.

Gda Campbell said Mr Bradley spotted a patrol car almost immediately after the robbery and alerted the gardai. They tried to locate Flood but the teenager had already fled.

He was later identified on CCTV footage and arrested two days later when Gda Campbell happened across him while on routine patrol.

A victim impact report before the court stated that Mr Bradley found the mugging to be the most "terrifying experience of my life".

Judge Tony Hunt sentenced Flood to four years, which he suspended in full after commenting that if the teenager re-offends "I will wash my hands of him".