Teen jailed in insurance case 'Impersonated' driver cleared

A TEENAGER caught driving without insurance twice in the space of a week has been jailed for three months.

Kenneth Ruth (19), of Drumcairn Drive, in Tallaght, admitted it was foolish to be driving without insurance.

A judge at Tallaght District Court fined him €500, sentenced him to three months' detention and put him off the road for five years.

The incidents took place on Brookfield Road, Tallaght, on February 18, and on the Tallaght bypass on February 26.

Garda David Jennings said he stopped Ruth on both occasions and asked him to produce documentation. He failed to produce them.

Ruth has 26 previous convictions, including three previous for driving without insurance. He is currently serving a five-month sentence for driving without insurance.

'Impersonated' driver cleared

A DUBLIN man accused of driving without insurance has claimed that another man must be impersonating him and giving his personal details to gardai.

Patrick Hanlon (29) told a court he doesn't drive and does not even hold a driving licence.

Mr Hanlon, of Brookview Rise, Tallaght, appeared before Tallaght District Court, accused of driving without insurance or a driving licence.

Judge James McDonnell said he had a doubt about who was driving and dismissed the charge.