Taxi drivers demand 10pc fare increase

Jane Last

Taxi drivers are seeking a fare hike of up to 10pc when negotiations with the National Transport Authority take place later this summer.

There hasn't been a hike in fares since they went up 8.3pc 2008.

Christy Humphrey of the National Private Hire and Taxi Association said Ireland's 36,976 drivers haven't raised their charges in four years and there is a desperate need to do so.


"They are not earning as much as they should -- the market is oversupplied" Mr Humphrey said.

"They need to live on something because right now they simply cannot make an honest living," he added.

The taxi representative said he'll seek a fare increase of at least 10pc at the compulsory two-year review carried out by the taxi regulator, the National Transport Authority (NTA).

Such a hike would push the standard rate between 8am and 8pm up from €4.10 to €4.51 for the first kilometre and from €1.03 to €1.13 for every kilometre after that.

At premium times those rates would rise from €4.45 to €4.90 and from €1.35 to €1.48.

Other charges up for discussion include a booking fee of €2 and the €1 per extra adult passenger.

Mr Humphrey also wants to end negotiated fares -- which can slash prices by 50 per cent.

"We are totally against these discounts," he blasted.

"You can't go on a bus or a Luas and negotiate the fare," he said.

The regulator has yet to give an exact date for the summer review.

However, a consultation process is expected to be part of it, so members can write to the regulator with their comments.