Swimmer saved after difficulty

a regular swimmer in Sandycove has been hospitalised after being rescued.

The man had been swimming from the 40-foot shortly after 9am when he encountered difficulties in the choppy seas between the bathing place and Sandycove Harbour.

A second swimmer had reached the man with a ringbuoy and was bringing the man towards the rocks when the inshore lifeboat arrived on the scene. The man was carried ashore and treated for hypothermia and minor injuries by the lifeboat crew.

Dropbox denies hacking claims

Cloud storage site Dropbox has denied claims it has been hacked after an anonymous account posting what it claims is the username and passwords of hundreds of the site's users.

An anonymous post to website Pastebin, traditionally used to save text users would like to use later, contained a list of hundreds of email log-ins and passwords.

The post claimed that more than 6.9 million Dropbox accounts had been hacked, and that more would be posted.

'Doomsday' vault expands

Nearly 10,000 new varieties of crops from around the world are being added to the "doomsday" seed vault in the Arctic as part of efforts to ensure global food security.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, on an island off Norway's northern coast, already stores 825,000 samples of seeds which represent 13,000 years of agricultural history, in conditions which preserve them for decades.

Protecting the diversity of the world's crops is "fundamental" for ensuring food security in the face of climate change, the Global Crop Diversity Trust (GCDT), which manages the vault, warns.

McIntyre walks off in phone row

Comedy superstar Michael McIntyre walked off stage during a sold-out show because a member of the audience on the front row kept using her phone.

An angry McIntrye asked security to "sort it out" and promised the audience at Darlington's Civic Theatre he would be back, before he left the stage.

Soon after the comedian carried on his act.