Suzanne bites back at claims she's lost too much weight

Lorna Nolan

ASSETS beauty Suzanne McCabe has hit back at suggestions that her figure has shrunk to "stick-thin" proportions since she burst onto the modelling scene two years ago.

The gorgeous blonde, who donned a show-stopping black dress for the agency's annual Christmas party at Buck Whaley's on Friday night, claims her svelte figure is all down to a fast metabolism.

Suzanne (28) told the Diary how she was extremely upset by a Sunday newspaper's insinuation that she was suffering from an eating disorder.

"It's absolute nonsense," the Killiney beauty explained. "It's upsetting because it's a terrible message to send out.

"My weight isn't something I ever think like that about, I don't go to the gym and I've never been on a diet in my life.

"I'm a massive fan of my food and there's no way any of my friends are worried about me, as the article said.

"They all know I love everything from pizza to Chinese. I just have a very fast metabolism. Also, nowadays I'm running around a lot more for my job than I was two years ago when I was working in an office and sitting behind a desk all day.

"I have more time now to get out walking my dogs and things like that so any weight I have lost is down to that."

Suzanne, who is happily loved-up with her other half Rob Buckley since the pair rekindled their romance earlier this year, was determined to put her distress over the claims behind her last night when the couple attended Christy Moore and Declan Sinnott's sold out concert at Vicar Street.

The Assets beauty explained how she had just about recovered after enjoying a night to remember with fellow model pals at Friday night's star-studded bash.

Among the big names who joined the leggy catwalk queen to kick off the festive season in style were Michele McGrath, Karena Graham, Jodie Wood, Leah O'Reilly, Hayley Ryan, Sarah Morrissey, Yomiko, Naomi Cullen, Georgia Salpa and Nadia Forde to name but a few.

Former Buck's hostess Sara Kavanagh was also there with her boyfriend and business partner Alan Byrne.

The blonde model had a chance to catch up with her former flame Conor Buckley, whom she is still friendly with, when the Krystle co-manager dropped in briefly to catch up with pals.

Among the other party guests spotted enjoying the festivities was rugby pundit Brent Pope, hairdresser to the stars Gary Kavanagh, Ultimate Big Brother winner Brian Dowling and TV3's Alan Hughes to name but a few.

Saturday night meanwhile saw Leinster rugby player Luke Fitzgerald, who is currently sidelined due to injury, join Rob Kearney's brother Dave for a night out at the Leeson Street venue.