Super soup proves a winner

FLORA has teamed up with celebrity chef Rozanne Stevens to create a range of delicious and nutritious recipes, perfect for all you busy ladies training for the big event on Monday, June 4.

This week, we're focusing on Rozanne's delicious sweet potato and tomato soup. Made using Flora Light, this soup is wonderfully low in saturated fat without compromising on flavour and is sure to be a big hit with all the family.

Rozanne said: "Sweet potatoes are one of my favourite vegetables, a good source of slow-releasing carbohydrates and extremely versatile. They're not just for baby food.

"Sweet potatoes are high in fibre which helps remove dietary cholesterol from the digestive system, keeping your heart healthy.

"They're also a good source of vitamin C and E, which promote healthy skin and a strong immune system. The orange variety contains beta carotene which your body converts to vitamin A.

"Vitamin A has anti-viral and anti-cancer properties and is also vital for healing and protecting the mucous membranes in the body. So during hayfever season, or for anyone with respiratory conditions like asthma, orange coloured foods rich in vitamin A are really beneficial. Sweet potatoes work well in a wide variety of cuisines. Chop up and simmer in curries, casseroles and tagines. Peel, dice and roast with a little seasoning and olive oil and use in risotto, salads and wraps. Economical and versatile, sweet potatoes will keep fresh for a week in the veg basket."

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