Stylish Laura's a FROWer now

By Anna Coogan

MTV beauty Laura Whitmore was FROWing at London Fashion Week -- and it seems the TV presenter didn't even know she was doing it.

She sat in the front row at several fashion shows, making her the envy of young fashion lovers everywhere.

The Bray-born TV presenter graced the coveted catwalk seats with stars, including singer Pixie Lott and TV personality Lisa Snowdon.

Laura (27) was even photographed smiling at some point -- something which is distinctly not on when you're FROWing.

It's excusable as down-to-earth stunner Laura didn't know she was FROWing -- and certainly wasn't out to appear cool in front of fashion's hip trendsetters.

FROWing is the new buzz word used to describe fashionistas who sit in the front rows at fashion shows -- the seats reserved for the most prized commentators in the fashion business.

Grazia magazine is leading the trend in dubbing fashion's favourite doyens as 'FROWers'.

Whether it's Dublin, London, Paris or New York fashion week, getting a front row seat is considered a feather in the cap for people involved in the fashion business.

Yet MTV star Laura is bewildered by the meaning of the new FROW word.

She writes in her current column on "To be honest, I don't even pretend to know the intricacies of fashion... but I DO know what I like."