Style guru Sonya strips to promote healthier image

WE'RE used to seeing her talking fashion trends and new season wardrobe colours, but Sonya Lennon is about to step out in an entirely different light - as a nude model.

The Off The Rails host and designer bravely bared all for leading photographer Trevor Hart and her shots will be on display when an exhibition is staged this autumn.

Satorial queen Sonya told the Diary that although it was a daring move, she felt comfortable getting in front of the cameras in her birthday suit.

"It was an incredible experience. I'm quite relaxed and not too prudish. Let's just say there may have been a couple of days of eating light but nothing too dramatic," she said.

"Dropping the dressing gown is the hardest part - it's ultimate exposure - but then after that point you don't really care."

The 45-year-old admitted that seeing the positive reaction from her nine-year-old daughter made it all worthwhile.

"When I received the photos on my phone I showed my daughter and she said 'that's really lovely mum', and that made it even more worthwhile that I was able to send out a positive message about my body image," she said.

Sonya is one of a host of female volunteers, aged 21-54, to ditch the clothing and pose for Trevor, whose exhibition Bare is about exploring women's relationship with their bodies. The portraits will be on view in October at the Royal Hibernian Academy.