Straight-A student earns €1,000 selling 'mind maps'

Clodagh Sheehy

An enterprising young Dublin schoolgirl has found a way to help Junior Cert students through exams and make money at the same time.

Tammy Strickland (16) has created 'mind map' revision notes and has already made €1,000 from her new business.

Her idea has been taken up by a computer software company -- MindGenius Ltd -- and her notes are now being sold through their website.

Tammy's dad Niall introduced her to mind maps at the age of nine. She created such clear maps that he suggested to her they were good enough to sell. Tammy decided to take him at his word.

She set about refining her notes for others while her dad created a website. Tammy had up and running in no time.

Following a four-month trial period she has sold her 100th map, bringing her sales to date to just under €1,000.

Not content with running a business, the straight-A student also leads an after-school Geography study group at Mount Sackville School, based on mind maps.

The transition year student is also "working on a modernised version of Romeo and Juliet.

"We studied Romeo and Juliet in third year, but a lot of people found it difficult to understand. I'm writing a version in the form of a rap."

Tammy says she uses mind maps herself to study and "it has proven effective for me. I always thought my mind maps would be just for myself, but sharing them is a good idea.

"My dad helped me to design a website where people can download one mind map from every subject. If they find them helpful they can come back and buy the entire set of mind maps.

"It costs €9.95 for each subject, which could contain up to 50 mind maps."

There are now 10 key subjects available to download: Science, Business Studies, English, French, Geography, History, Irish, Religion and Science, Maths and CSPE (Civil Social and Political Education).