Stones legend Jagger delighted at prospect of being great-grandfather

Mick Jagger. Photo: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Robert Dex

Mick Jagger is delighted with the news that he is to become a great-grandfather, according to his granddaughter Assisi.

Assisi, the 21-year-old daughter of Jade Jagger, said giving birth at a young age runs in the family – Jade was just 20 when she was born.

She told Hello! Magazine: "The women in our family just tend to have children young. It runs in the genes.

"I grew up quite quickly and wouldn't have considered having a child if I was doing what my friends are doing at this stage, messing around. I don't drink, I don't smoke and I'm very settled."


She said she phoned her Rolling Stone grandfather (70) to tell him she was pregnant. "He said, 'Well done,' and I said, 'I didn't have to try too hard.' I imagine it's nice to be a great-grandad. I call him Mick – I wouldn't start calling him grandpa."

Jade, who will become a grandmother aged 42, said her daughter will be "a perfect mum". She said: "She's a level-headed, sweet girl and I think it will give them both a lot of pleasure."