Sting in the tail for Mooney show listeners after caller is attacked by bees on air

Laura Butler

RTE listeners were left confused when a caller to the Derek Mooney show was apparently stung by a swarm of bees live on air.

During the Radio One programme yesterday, fans were shocked as a caller, named as Paul Kelly, screamed down the phone.

Staff within the Montrose station have since been wondering what the outcome was for Mr Kelly.

Olan McGowan, producer of Derek Mooney's afternoon programme, told the Herald: "We're trying our best to find out what happened. We received a few emails that Mr Kelly sent in about the problem. He complained that there have been a swarm of bees in his garage. He said he couldn't take his car out and has had to get taxis into work. He wanted advice.

"We had Philip McCabe, our bee expert, in to talk to him ... We got him on the air and as Derek (right) was speaking to him there was big commotion. He went over to the garage, we could hear all this live on air, and there was a noise that really did sound like a swarm of bees.

"The next thing, he was screaming, he had obviously dropped the phone or something -- and it went silent.

"We called him back afterwards but he wouldn't go back on air and only wanted to speak with our expert privately. He sounded shaken, I think himself and or his wife were stung," he said.

Earlier this month the RTE show broadcast an appeal by a former US naval officer, Jarvis Boykin, to track down an ex lover from the 1970s.

Mr Boykin has been in search of a Dublin woman named Catherine who that he met more than 35 years ago while on leave in 1976.

"We haven't had anyone coming on proclaiming to be her yet, but we'd be delighted if she came forward," said Mr McGowan.