Stars enjoy being out on the town

Curly haired Hobbit star Aidan Turner was living it up this weekend.

The Clondalkin native, who is currently dating actress Sarah Greene, was spotted partying with several of his actor friends in the VIP bar at Lilie's Bordello.

"He was in flying form," an onlooker said. "All of the lads seemed to be having a great night out. There was plenty of banter – it was a late one and I'm sure there were a few sore heads in the morning."

Aidan wasn't the only Irish actor to enjoy a night on the tiles. Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham joined his pal Guggi for a few scoops this weekend.

And model, mum and Eurosong coach Gail Kaneswaren was also determined to let her hair down.

The 35-year-old singer is thrilled to have landed the Eurosong gig after falling for Johnny Logan in those skin tight leather pants.

And who can blame her – she's only human after all.

"I fell in love with Johnny Logan as a young child," she said.

"I've loved the Eurovision ever since then."

Gail was spotted enjoying a few drinks with her pal Faith Barnett before hitting the dance floor.

Over in the revamped Odeon, Jack Raynor's other half Madeline Mulqueen was spotted sampling some of the fancy new cocktails on offer.