Stars clamour for Irish Gerry's jeans

Eoin Reynolds , in California

HOLLYWOOD stars are flocking to Irish designer Gerry Kelly for his new animal-friendly fashion craze.

Gerry (37), from Templeogue, Dublin, is head of the Sonas label in Los Angeles. And his signature patchwork jeans design is a hit in Tinseltown -- partly because he's donating a percentage of his profits to an animal sanctuary.

Among the celebrities to don Gerry's jeans are Entourage star Kevin Dillon, Sofia Milos of CSI Miami and Human Traffic actor Shaun Parks.

Gerry said: "These days jeans are all the same. People cannot tell the difference between a $30 (¤23) Wal-Mart jean and a $250 (¤192) designer jean, unless they see the label, of course.

"With a pair of Sonas patched jeans there is no question what jeans you are wearing."

Part of the attraction for Hollywood celebrities is that Gerry and his partner Christine Garcia have pledged to use 10pc of their profits to build and maintain an animal sanctuary near San Francisco.

Christine is an 'animal rights attorney'. She uses her skills as a qualified lawyer to fight for dogs that have been ordered by the courts to be put down.

She has also represented animal rights activists who find themselves in trouble with the law.


The idea to create an animal sanctuary was forged when Gerry saw Christine's passion for our furry and feathered friends.

Gerry said: "I'd see her every day and she'd be upset about a dog that was going to be put down or because there was an animal she couldn't save.

"And I thought, you know, why not do something bigger?

"You're using up so much energy just to save one or two animals when we could create a whole sanctuary and save lots of animals."