Stabbed blind man's family in TV appeal

By Lynne Kelleher

THE nephew of a blind man who died two months after he was stabbed in his own sitting room are to make emotional Crimecall appeals for information on the attackers

Frank Costello was brutally stabbed in the neck in his home as he sat listening to the World Cup on July 4.

Mr Costello (79) may have been lying in a pool of his own blood for up to 15 hours until care workers came upon him in his home in Mohill, Co Leitrim.

The pensioner, who lived alone while being well cared for by his family and care workers, tragically died two months later in Sligo Regional Hospital.

His nephew, John Costello, said his frail uncle had felt safe in his home since going blind two years ago.


"To stab a man in the neck that's blind and couldn't even recognise you or see you, you wouldn't do to an animal what was done to him," he said.

"Someone has to have a conscience. In the last two years he actually lost complete sight. But in his own little house he was absolutely fine."

Gardai, who will reconstruct the attack, believe an intruder climbed in through Frank's bathroom window at around 10pm on July 4.

Also on Crimecall, Belinda Maher, the sister of Gerard Daly (42) - whose body was discovered buried in a bog last month, three years after he went missing - will appeal for any information.