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What did TomCarr say toMaurice Fitzin Semplegate!

FOOTBALLERS like Maurice Fitzgerald come around once in a lifetime. They are so gifted and graceful.

The Matt Connors, Mikey Sheehys, Diarmuid Connollys and Colm Coopers of this world.

Maurice gave an interview to Darren Frehill. His most famous point came up.

It earned Kerry a late, dramatic draw against Dublin in the 2001 All-Ireland SFC quarter-final at Semple Stadium.

Tommy Carr was managing Dublin. Dublin had been trailing by five points.

Tommy brought on Vinnie Murphy. He got a goal. Darren Homan followed it up with another goal.

Dublin were a point ahead. Time was almost up. Fitzgerald had been introduced with seven minutes left.

His first touch of the ball was when he went over to pick it up to take the sideline kick.


People will recall that Maurice's kick was from an almost impossible angle and distance, wide on the right.

As Maurice prepared to take it, Tommy ambled up beside him.

People have wondered since what exactly did Tommy say to the genial Kerry dancer.

Darren asked Mauirce what words did the Dublin boss utter in his direction.

"Oh, he just said, you'll knock this over no bother, Maurice!"

Maurice is doing the Croke Park Legends Tour on August 23. The great Mickey Whelan, another elegant stylist, is doing the tour on August 28.

More info from 8192300 or www.crokepark.ie or email info@crokepark.ie

Mick O'Connell was one of the greatest of them all. A few years ago, Mick and Maurice featured on a television programme.

They were both knocking the ball around the front garden with Mick's son, Diarmuid.

Pat Butler focused on the brilliance of the two men before asking Diarmuid the six million dollar question. "Who is your favourite footballer."

As the two icons waited for his answer, Diarmuid declared: "Dennis Bergkamp".

Mick and Maurice curled up with the laughter. There's no substitute for class.