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'We'd have punch-ups as kids' says Noel Hunt

NOEL Hunt (above) says it would be a "fairytale" for his family if he can lead Ipswich Town back to the Premier League alongside his brother Stephen.

The Hunt brothers had previously played alongside each other for Reading and for Ireland but they've been reunited with Noel's mid-season move from Leeds United to Ipswich, the Premier League now the goal for the promotion-chasing side.

"You might call it a fairytale being back together, but we haven't done anything yet. It will only be a fairytale if we win promotion," says Noel, who thanked his older brother for the support he offered when he was experiencing some tough times at Leeds before his exit to Ipswich, as Noel was sidelined by the management and then picked on by the Leeds support.

"He was always on the other end of the phone telling me to keep cool and work hard," said Noel. "It's very easy to go into a lull and go with the flow and not bother going into work but had I done that, I would not be here at Ipswich Town.


"I worked as hard as I could behind the scenes at Leeds to keep my fitness up and it's nice to be back with Stephen. We were very competitive as kids, we'd have punch-ups, the lot.

"He was the older brother, but I would get a few slaps in," laughs Noel.

"On the pitch, he knows the runs that I make and I know where he is going to put the ball. I think he set up something like nine of my 15 goals at Reading in our season together there.

"The deliveries he, along with the likes of Jay Tabb and Paul Anderson put in, are great and it is up to me to get across defenders and get goals," added Hunt, who has backed his fellow Waterford man Daryl Murphy to keep up his scoring record with Town.

He's been flying this season and I've no doubt he will get to 20 goals, easy," said Hunt.

"He is so big and strong and makes holding players off look so easy. His goalscoring record has been fantastic and he deserves it."