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Treve deserves her exalted position

There's no doubting that it was a fantastic training performance by Criquette Head-Maarek to get Treve back as good as ever to win last Sunday's Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe - an outcome we wouldn't have predicted earlier in the season.

The filly had a lovely position throughout and settled beautifully, giving her the run of the race, which proved a huge help.

She was undoubtedly the best filly on the day and it was a fantastic occasion.

Taghrooda and Kingston Hill ran really good races considering all the hard work they had to do from their gates. Taghrooda got pushed wide and was a bit unlucky but I have never seen so many horses wide turning for home.

I've never before in an Arc seen so much room down the inside and that meant that it fairly opened up for Treve. She didn't have to come off the rail and that is some advantage in that race. I would say that the Japanese really got it wrong again. It was like they were on tour.

You can stay behind in the Arc but becoming detached at the back of the field is another day's work. It's just highlights the huge difference from riding on those real fast tracks in Japan to riding in an Arc.

I don't know what replays they were looking at that made them think they could play it that way! They really did get it wrong.

All that said, you would have to acknowledge that Harp Star ran some race to come from where she did. She is definitely capable of winning a race of that calibre and she's good enough to go back for the Arc next year.

If she does go back to France, though, they will have to change how they go about it. Maybe they need to bring them to France earlier and give them a prep run or two and get one of the top European jockeys to ride her but she has the ability there is no doubt about that.

The Japanese jockeys have a massive fan base and would have huge followings, it really is a big deal down there, and maybe that makes it harder for them to use the European jockeys, but they'll have to review it all after what happened last Sunday.

Speaking of jockeys, I know I had suggested earlier in the season that Ryan Moore had few equals at the moment, and I would now say that last weekend in France was just the latest evidence of the best jockey in the world in action. Moore, I would say, is up there with the best jockeys I have ever seen.

At the moment, he really is riding at the top of his game. He has that commitment and drive, technically he is very good and tactically he is top class - he doesn't seem to have any weaknesses at the moment.