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That's not good enough: Hummels

BORUSSIA Dortmund man Mats Hummels admits that Germany are already struggling in their bid to qualify for Euro 2016.

But a buoyant Scotland feel that they are on their way in the campaign ahead of their big test at home to Ireland next month.

Morale in the German camp is low after a second successive disappointment, the Germans following up last week's defeat in Warsaw with a 1-1 draw at home to Ireland.

Germany's only win from three group matches was an unconvincing home defeat of Scotland and while they are expected to get back on track in their next three games - two meetings with Gibraltar with a trip to Georgia in between - Hummels (right) has admitted that there are problems.

"It's not good enough. It's not the standard people expect from us and it's not the standard we set for ourselves," says the defender, still smarting from the 1-1 draw with Ireland.


"It feels like a defeat, to be honest. Leading in that position and then conceding a goal so late is really tough. But Ireland didn't come here to play football, and we knew that. They came here to be hard to beat, and when you're up against ten players that are well-organised, looking to defend and know their tactical roles, then it's tough.

"We were the better team in both of these games but we haven't got the results. There's obviously more pressure on us now, but we're used to that."

Scotland can look forward to the game at home to Ireland in four weeks' time after their successful visit to Warsaw. "The squad aren't under any illusions," said Everton man Steven Naismith.

"We know we've got the toughest group and we'll need to produce performances like this and Georgia in every game to have a chance of automatic qualification.

"But we believe we can do it and this is a good point to help us on the way. It's a sign of the progress that we're frustrated at not beating a team who have just defeated the world champions."