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Temp Head - THE Leinster Championship is a

THE Leinster Championship is a competition that stands on its own two feet. It has no bearing on the All-Ireland series.

The O'Duffy Cup opening fixture against Offaly now tops Dublin's agenda.

"We'll have to work hard for the next four weeks before we meet Offaly.

"The All-Ireland Championship was always our focus," said Dubs manager, Denis Murphy, following last Sunday's defeat.

"I was very disappointed with the performance, especially when you compare it to our league form. We beat Wexford in the league, but even apart from that result, we put in another couple of decent displays.

"But Sunday was a step back. I suppose the positive thing is that we now know we have taken a step back and we have to correct it.



"Scoring four points at senior inter-county level is simply not good enough. That's one area we'll be concentrating on in the next few weeks.

"Defensively, we didn't do too badly. Apart from the goal they scored, Wexford only had one or two chances for goals, so to restrict the All-Ireland winning forward line to that isn't too bad."

Dublin were missing several players due to injury and exams, but the boss man was not interested in visiting the orchard of excuses.

His thoughts were already turning towards the training ground. "We have work to do and plenty of it," he mused.