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Temp Head - It s an Irish invention

It's an Irish invention and it's beginning to make waves within the game as a very useful training device. Young players can enjoy hundreds of touches every time they play with Jimmy Ball.

The ball is attached as part of a harness that is adjustable to the player's height but it ensures that the ball is always in front of you and guarantees lots of touches as you develop your own individual control levels.

Players involved with the West Cork Kennedy Cup team used it as part of their warm-up drill while team substitutes used the training device in advance of entering the field of play but ensuring that they had lots of practice and touches in advance of the 'real thing'.

The Jimmy Ball allows players to practice passing, controlling, volleying, receiving the ball, using both feet, and different parts of the foot as well as improving overall balance and co-ordination.

Using Jimmy Ball means you practice and learn in your own time to use both feet, keep your head up, keep hands out for balance and get used to hundreds of touches every day.

Using the Jimmy Ball every week will ensure that you get thousands of touches and get comfortable with a football.

It's simple to use and available in sizes 2, 3 & 4. Jimmy Ball, size 2 is recommended for senior players, size 4 for junior players. The string length adjusts to suit the user - tall /small, and the particular skill. Extend the string when dribbling; shorten it for all other drills.

The www.ballskills.net site has information on Jimmy Ball. The Jimmy Ball is €20 and available through local SuperValu, Centra, Smyths Toys and independent sports retailers. Or order at www.ballskills.net.