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Temp Head

GIOVANNI Trapattoni will fight tooth and nail to save his job in Torshavn against the Faroe Islands and has delivered an public ultimatum to FAI CEO John Delaney: "Back me or sack me."

With the FAI planning a Board meeting as soon as is practical after they return from the Faroes, Trapattoni (right) revealed that he has had no discussion or debate about his position with anyone from the FAI.

"It's not my job or my habit when I win or when I lose. I have never spoken with the other FAI members. I know John Delaney. Ciao John," he said. That can mean hello or goodbye in Trapattoni's language.

"When they are sure, they have to decide, not me. I have crossed the Alps barefoot and I have overcome most difficulties in my years. Every manager has this moment.

"After the Euros, we lost only one game to Germany, the second team in the world. My job is to overcome the criticism. If they (the FAI) decide, they decide," he said.

"I watch in other countries, they have managers who if they lose a game, the media must be critical, it is their job. But you can't change after every bad result, you can't change 10 players," said Trapattoni.