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Registration: Players must be signed at least 48 hours prior to taking part in a league game.

Spot-checks are being carried out on match cards and clubs found in breach of Registration Rules will lose ties, have points deducted or be otherwise dealt with by the disciplinary committee.

Forms can be downloaded from the website www.kdfl.ie by clicking on 'download forms'. The form must be accompanied by the relevant fee.

Registration/Transfer periods for Amateur game: Clubs are asked to consult KDFL Rulebook (Rule 28 a-j) and FAI Rules of the Association (effective 28th February 2012) (Rule 34 1-5). The FAI Rule book can be downloaded on www.fai.ie

Free Day Requests: Applications for free days must be lodged in writing (email is acceptable / no text requests accepted) at least 10 days prior to the date of the proposed game. The fixtures secretary will determine whether the request will be granted and the club will be notified by email.

Women's Representative Training: continues through the euro break.

The KDFL Women's Representative training will continue each Friday through the month of June / early July at 7pm at Kildare Town AFC Rathbride road.

The panel has been reopened and the manager welcomes all interested in a chance to represent their league in the FAI Women's Senior Cup to come along to Kildare for training.

Please contact Manager Peter Stafford on 0866666299 or Regina Casey on 0879557461.