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Temp Head

Flanagan victim of twitter hoaxWESTMEATH manager Pat Flanagan has called in the services of Gardaí in a bid to put a stop to a Twitter hoax account in his name. Flanagan was angered when the account - which credits itself as a parody - took to insulting high profile GAA people.

"I'm aware of what's going on, and it's difficult to believe how, on what's a very popular form of social media, people can just use another person's name to say whatever they like," he explained. "I spoke to a couple of people to see if they could find out who is behind it, but we haven't been able to identify anyone.

"So I have had chats with the various authorities. I spoke to the gardaí and made them aware of it. I've never used Twitter in my life. I can only go on what has been shown to me by other people."