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Temp Head

BERNARD Brogan must wait another while for his first Dublin appearance of 2012 after suffering a knee injury that required a keyhole procedure this morning.

The 2010 Footballer of the Year (right) has been watching from the sidelines during Dublin's first four Allianz League outings, and that now looks set to continue for another couple of games.

"It's a tiny bit of bone fragment that just needs to be taken out. It's very minor. He won't even be put asleep -- he'll be in and out in about ten minutes," manager Pat Gilroy today revealed, when announcing his team to face Down on Sunday.

"He could be two weeks out, but he could be right as rain in a week. It depends.

"He played a club game and then he went out with us on the Sunday, and he said it was very sore. So he got a scan on Monday, and we decided to get it done on Friday," Gilroy explained.

A far happier Dub today will be Na Fianna's Johnny Cooper, just recently promoted to the senior squad and now included for his first start, at corner-back, after a two-point cameo against Armagh.

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