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Temp Head

Once seen as the sport of pensioners and businessmen, these young guys have made the sport cool again

The Athletes

Irishman Rory McIlroy is world number one and has a beautiful tennis-playing girlfriend, a former world number one herself. He's Irish, he's loaded and he seems like a pretty normal guy.

Aussie Adam Scott (right) is model gorgeous, while Ricky Fowler's outlandish get-ups and cherubic face have led to comparisons with Justin Bieber. These golfers are inspiring lads the world over to pick up a putter.

The Celebrities

From Justin Timberlake who designed his own golf resort, to the cast of Entourage, who play almost at pro-level, younger Hollywood stars are bringing pzazz to the game. Mark Wahlberg, George Clooney (left) and Matthew McConaughey are all keen golfers, while Catherine Zeta Jones and Cameron Diaz bring glamour to the greens.