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Sweet Scent on Dublin's new Lilac Bus

JUST as the Dublin Armada was about to leave for home, Shane O'Brien boarded the Supporter's Bus.

He thanked everybody for making the trip. And he said that the Dublin Bus was the team's 16th player.

The Dublin manager also saluted the application of the players in going away from home and getting the victory.

"We knew we had to win to stay in contention, and we are all absolutely delighted with the result.

"It was a hard fought win. And I have to give huge credit to all the players and everybody involved."

Derry certainly tested Dublin's resolve in a most enjoyable contest.

But the Dubs showed their fitness throughout to pounce on any stray oak leaves.

"Derry proved top-class opposition," continued Shane. "They are a fine outfit, and they were a difficult team to overcome.

"It's a proud day for Dublin camogie. And we are now within a whisker of the All-Ireland Senior Championship quarter-final. It's great to be still involved at this stage of the season."

And waiting for Dublin or Clare in the August Bank Holiday quarter-final are Wexford.