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Strike out

ANDRE Villas-Boas will dump Fernando Torres on the Stamford Bridge scrapheap if the £50m flop doesn't deliver.

"The moment when it compromises the running of the team, I think it has to come to an end, which is fair enough," said Villas-Boas (left), who insisted he would not be afraid to drop him, adding: "I have no problems of that kind."

While the Chelsea boss is readying himself for stern action against Torres, Kenny Dalglish, the man who sent him packing at Anfield, has been forced to go into bat on behalf of £35m replacement Andy Carroll. Dalgish ripped into reporters when he was asked to respond to Fabio Capello's suggestion that Carroll must change his boozing lifestyle.

"I don't think Andy's lifestyle is anything like what some people who want stories would like it to be," growled Dalglish (right).

"We have said often enough that Andy wasn't properly fit last season because of a knee injury but that seems to fall on deaf ears."