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Spencer saga ends as expected: back in saddle

From one brave jockey move to another . . . well kind of.

When Jamie Spencer announced he was retiring from race riding earlier this year an initial feeling of shock circled the racing world, but soon after that cloud dissolved and rather than looking too deep into why he was calling time on his career in the saddle, people were instead betting on when he would be back.

Sunday morning, Irish time, we got our answer. Spencer wouldn't retire at all.

At Sha Tin, it looked like this was to be his last hurrah (for now) and he even admitted that himself.

What happened between him uttering the words "that looks like my last ride" to a lengthy statement being released a few hours later will probably come out in the fullness of time but the main thing is that Jamie Spencer the jockey continues.

Love him or hate him, and a lot of people tend to be one way or the other due to his patience in riding a race, Spencer is much more valuable to the sport in the public glare riding winners than he is in a management role for Qatar Racing.

You have to imagine it didn't take long for him to realise that the prospect of driving home from riding work and readying a horse for Andrea Atzeni to win on while Atzeni, the man that replaced him, was driving to the races, wasn't an attractive career change.

It probably just took longer for him to admit that and figure out the best junction to take the U-turn.

With a big shake-up in retained riders this year, opportunities will be aplenty for Spencer and, thankfully, he realised that.