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Zabaleta calls for calm

•Pablo Zabaleta has pledged to help Carlos Tevez get through his latest emotional turmoil.

Zabaleta sat alongside Tevez on the Manchester City bench during Tuesday's 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich.

•Tevez was seen whispering to his fellow Argentina international after he had apparently refused to take the field.

•Zabaleta claims he was unaware how much Mancini and Tevez had fallen out.

•But he has pledged to help Tevez, who is now awaiting news of the action he will face.

"We need to try to help Carlos," said Zabaleta.

•"He has been a really important player for us in the last two years but maybe this season he has had more games on the bench.

•"Everybody always wants to play, maybe it's like that. It is a difficult moment for him but we need to be calm."