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Young now banking on delivering home run

ASHLEY Young is banking on home comfort to provide a route to the Premier League title after a series of difficult away days.

Manchester United's form at Old Trafford will be the decisive factor in what is certain to be a nail-biting run-in.

"I think we said if we came through the tough away fixtures then we set ourselves up for the rest of the season. We've managed to do that away from home and our home form is key now," said Young.

"A lot of people might not have said that we'd be in front of City, but we've got that belief that, as long as we're winning our games, the pressure's on them."

Young is now one of Alex Ferguson's key men and is showing the kind of form needed across the entire squad to keep rivals at bay.

"I think he has come back to his form," claimed Ferguson. "He has been out two months and it takes time to get your rhythm back.

"For the Ajax game that was missing, but I thought he did well for us on Thursday and he was excellent today."

Young was happy with his form during United's win over the Baggies.

"I really enjoyed myself. I'm not too sure whether it was my best but I'm pleased with my performance," he said.

"We created a lot of opportunities today -- some we didn't take but we're just delighted to get the three points."