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'You really wonder where this team is going' - Anfield legends put the boot into Rodgers


Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers. Photo: Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers. Photo: Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers. Photo: Alex Livesey/Getty Images

RAFA Benitez was always unhappy with the role played by ex-legends in the day-to-day narrative of Liverpool football club and his eventual downfall. Brendan Rodgers is now hearing unkind words from Anfield aristocracy too.

They queued up to batter Benitez in the final few months. Giants of the great Anfield era like Toshack, St John, Smith and more offered a comparison with the old days which he could not match.

Rodgers, by and large, has been well-received by the raft of former Liverpool players currently earning a crust by offering opinion. But his support is collapsing like a cheap piece of furniture and Roy Evans was first into bat first after that dismal draw with Basel killed off Liverpool's Champions League hopes.

Evans went on radio to say that the only gripe he had was the negative way the team was set-up to play. That's a pretty big gripe from a Liverpool ex-manager.

Steve Nicol followed that with a fairly damning critique which neatly sums up the feelings of Liverpool fans and neutrals alike.

"You really wonder where this team is going. He has tried to add to the squad to make it better and somehow it has turned the other way. It is a team that is completely rudderless.

"If you watched the game against Basel and the game against Sunderland, they don't look to have any imagination going forward, and defensively they look at odds. This is just a desperate time for Liverpool.

"Basel outplayed them," he said. "This game was dead until Steve G stepped up and put that free kick in the back of the net. What I don't understand is when you come in at 1-0 down at half-time, you have to be bold. What he did was bring one left back on for another left back. It made no sense."

Rodgers' problem is that he has no answers, either to the criticism he is facing or the dismantling of the forward line which drove Liverpool so close last season.

At the same point last season, Suarez and Sturridge had scoffed 27 goals between them - and that with the Uruguayan suspended for ten games at the start of the season. Balotelli, Ricky Lambert and Sturridge have scored one Premier League goal each.

It has been Rodgers' fate to preside over Liverpool during Steven Gerrard's waning years and that, too, is a conundrum which he doesn't appear to be able to get to grips with.

And lurking, brooding and misbehaving in the background is Balotelli, the one player Liverpool could have bought last summer guaranteed to make a bad situation worse.

It is amazing how quickly optimism turned to dust for the Kop. One insane moment in Brazil after a series of mental aberrations ended Suarez's time at Anfield and dropped Rodgers into the hole he is in.

His one solace might be the fact that John Henry, Ian Ayre and anyone else with a place on the now notorious transfer committee all climbed in it with him and brought heavy digging equipment.

Rodgers told the world he didn't want Balotelli but he got him and if his betters made that decision then maybe they made the call on all the other expensive duds signed to wear red in the summer.

The general consensus would be that Rodgers will make it to the end of April but as Nicol pointed out, if the level of performance and morale does not rise rapidly, an already raucous clamour for his head could become unstoppable.

Nicol also suggested that the January window, now just a few weeks away, will tell a tale. If he spends significant cash, he will see August in his job. If not, he has four months to save it with the squad he has.