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Wright-Phillips vows to do his bit for QPR place

Shaun Wright-Phillips says he is "ready to do my bit in this relegation fight" after QPR boss Harry Redknapp claimed the midfielder is happier sitting on a "fantastic contract" than leaving the club for first-team football.

Redknapp rejected Wright-Phillips' complaints he is in the dark over featuring just once at Rangers this season, telling the 33-year-old he "needs to move on".

Wright-Phillips hit back at Redknapp revealing he rejected a host of loan opportunities by claiming he can still secure a future at Loftus Road.

Redknapp's spat with Wright-Phillips came amid the QPR boss claiming "I take no notice" of rumours he is one game away from the sack.

"I'm not at QPR to go back and forth. I'm fit and ready to do my bit in this relegation fight as they may need me at some point. I believe in myself and know what I'm capable of," tweeted Wright-Phillips.

Rangers manager Redknapp insisted he has told Wright-Phillips to find himself a new club on more than one occasion.

"I've told Shaun, of course I've told him, he needs to go on loan or move permanently," said Redknapp, ahead of QPR hosting Manchester United in today's Premier League clash.

"But he's not going to move when he's got a fantastic contract.

"Let's all sit and talk straight, when you're earning X amount of pounds, and someone wants to give you money that's nowhere near that, you're not going to go are you?

"It's no-one's fault that Shaun's got a great contract, good luck to him, someone gave it to him.

"It's all about opinions, someone else could come in and put Shaun straight in the team.

"That's the game. He played for me when I first came here in the Premier League, I've got no problems with him, I like him an awful lot. If I didn't, I'd say so.

"He comes out, trains well, works hard, earns fantastic money, he's got a great contract, good luck to him.

"When he's had a chance on loan, Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton, they've come in for him and he's said 'I'm not interested', he didn't want to know. He wouldn't consider it."