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RELIEVED Brendan Rodgers watched Daniel Sturridge return to full contact training today but the Liverpool boss is still desperately searching for another striker and it looks like like he can cross Gonzalo Higuain off his list.

Higuain's brother Nicholas claims that he has had no firm offers: "First of all, I have not spoken to any club because they have not contacted me and secondly, it would be disrespectful to Napoli."

Sturridge is still a few weeks off playing and perhaps a month away from full match fitness. In the meantime, Rodgers will try to bring Divock Origi back from a loan deal with Lille earlier than agreed.

"Just having him (Sturridge) on the field to begin with will be critical to the team because I think his threat is obvious. It's the only way we will get him back up to speed," said Rodgers.

"It will take him time. First he has to get fit, generally. Fortunately enough his body allows him, he's a naturally fit player.

"Origi is a player who will definitely be here next summer but whether he will be here in January... there has been some discussion but there is nothing to report on it," said Rodgers.

Rodgers claimed that Mario Balotelli will not be sold in this transfer window and that he remains committed to trying to hep the troubled striker find some form.

"We are determined to help him find the solution here so he certainly won't be going anywhere in January," the Reds boss affirmed.