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Wolves skipper still sore over Mac sacking

SKIPPER Karl Henry has criticised the sacking of Mick McCarthy in mid-February as a factor in their relegation from the Premier League.

Wolves' fate was sealed with yesterday's 2-0 home defeat against Manchester City after three seasons in the top flight.

The team had been struggling for some time before McCarthy's sacking -- but Henry believes the move was badly timed, contributing to the struggling side's problems.

Henry said: "I think for us the writing has been on the wall for a few weeks but, for it to be confirmed, is gutting for all concerned with the club.

"We all hold our hands up. We've just not been good enough this season.

"I think the timing of Mick's departure was bad," added Henry.

"But the chairman (Steve Morgan) wanted to move in a different direction and he's the boss.

"Terry Connor has come into a difficult situation. We've all tried to take his ideas on board and we weren't able to do it."

Henry knows it is crucial Wolves hold onto the majority of their players if they want to challenge for a quick-fire return from the Championship.

He said: "With every team that goes down, their aim is to come straight back up and we've seen teams like Newcastle do it.

"But it's not been easy for West Ham this season and it's a tough league and we respect 100pc the teams in there.

"We've got a good squad here, too good for the Championship in my eyes.

"We need to keep everyone on board, stick together and focus on next season now."