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Who's most likely to get Gray's job?

THERE will be no shortage of interest when Sky get around to replacing Andy Gray but it is highly likely that the job will go to a familiar face.

If Richard Keys remains as anchor, there will be little noticeable change, apart from the welcome relief that Gray's departure removes the most insufferable member of the boys' club.

So the search is launched for the new man -- or woman. here, we look at the runners and riders.


The bootroom approach would be to promote from within and the former Liverpool star, already a regualar, is a likely choice.

Redknapp started cautiously but he deserves better than some of the sniffier criticism. He knows he is not paid to duck the controversial issues aned has shown his own irritaion at Keys' inane questions more than once.


The Manchester City approach would be to raid the BBC for a high-profile pundit, although it is unlikely he would want to give up on his cushy number. Mark Lawrenson would be cheaper but surely Sky should be seeking to develop its own talent?


If Sky wants to freshen up, how about a player straight from the dressing room? Sky would have to wait until he retires at the end of the season but he is famously outspoken and there are few shrewder judges among present players.


A better pundit than manager -- true also fo Graham Souness -- perhaps the truculent Scot should stick to talking about the game. A habit of belittling reporters has never endeared him to the profession but he would bring some detailed analysis.