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what they said ...

"4-0 down and we still sing, that's why I love Irish supporters"

-- Hector O hEochagain

"Outclassed. Spain gave a mesmerising display of football. If they don't win this tournament, I'll leave the band."

-- Nicky Byrne

"Wow I think we nearly had #proudtobeirish? trending."

-- Claudine Keane

"Hand on heart, how amazing is it hearing the Irish fans singing their balls out in the stadium? #proud #COYBIChoirs"

-- Chris O'Dowd

"We may not have won but still proud to be Irish. Fields of Athenry, amazing. No supporters like us."

-- Siva Kaneswaran

"Great to hear Fields of Athenry ringing out in the stadium despite the loss -- fair play to fans, sad for the lads #euro2012 #COYBIG"

-- Sinead Desmond

"Very exciting 1st half against Spain. Pity about the early goal. Come on lads."

-- Ronan Keating