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Wes: I'll prove I can do it

WES HOOLAHAN says he's determined to prove wrong anyone who doubts he has what it takes to deliver for Ireland in the World Cup qualifiers.

Manager Giovanni Trapattoni caused more confusion when he appeared to perform an about turn on the international future of Hoolahan in the space of a few hours.

Just after the 1-0 defeat to Greece Trapattoni was singing the praises of the Norwich man but yesterday, the Irish boss appeared to have changed his mind.

When asked if Hoolahan could feature in a new lineout against Sweden in March, Trap said "Now I can say no, because we have our system".

Hoolahan, back in the squad after a four-year absence, is not keen to get dragged into a war of words but stresses that he feels he has the ability to play at this level.

"I would like to be in there for the Sweden game in March. I don't pick the team but I feel I can play at this level." Hoolahan told the Herald today.

"I will keep doing what I have been doing with Norwich and hope that's good enough. If I keep playing well for the club then I have a chance with Ireland.

"It won't be easy. You have Robbie Keane coming back for the next games, and the lads who have been in the squad before me have done well. But I would like a chance at least," he added.