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Wenger won't set the Gunners any points target

ARSENE WENGER has refused to set Arsenal a points target to finish third in the Premier League ahead of tonight's trip to Wolves.

The Gunners are overwhelming favourites to sink rock-bottom Wanderers at Molineux and open up a five-point gap on arch rivals Tottenham in the race for the Premier League's final automatic Champions League spot.

That would be a significant cushion with just five games remaining, of which Arsenal could probably then afford to lose at least two.

But manager Wenger said: "The only target we know we can do is if we get our resources together for the next game. That is the only way to do it.


"You don't know what the others will do, so let's just win our games."

Pundits have been scouring the run-ins of Arsenal, Tottenham, fifth-placed Newcastle and sixth-placed Chelsea to try to glean where points may be won and lost.

Wenger said: "For some people these predictions are their job.

"Believe me, they don't know much better than you or me and the result of every game is just a consequence of your performance on the day.

"Nobody can really predict that because your performance on the day depends on you, but also depends on the other team as well.

"To predict both is nearly impossible.

"You can have an idea but football has surprised us so many times, especially recently in the last two or three months."


He added: "Let's not anticipate, that is something else that is important.

"When it gets to the last sprint, focus on the next game becomes the most important part because you are always tempted to anticipate."