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Wenger in rallying call to wounded Gunners


 Arsene Wenger. Photo: PA

Arsene Wenger. Photo: PA

Arsene Wenger. Photo: PA

ARSENE Wenger has no answer to Arsenal's collapse against Chelsea and accepts any lowering in standards will be punished mercilessly in the Premier League title chase.

"We think about that and at the moment there is no rational explanation other than the quality of our opponents and that we were caught at the start of the game. Why? We don't really know," he said.

"We are intelligent enough and care enough about the club to, of course, be disappointed with our performance," said Wenger.

Wenger has challenged his side to quickly get their campaign back on course, starting with tonight's match against Swansea.

"The Premier League is difficult and as soon as you drop your standards a little bit you are of course in danger," he said. "It happens to many clubs because the fight for relegation is very hard.

"The fight at the top is very, very hard and that's why every game has its own difficulties that you have to deal with.

"We have 62 points that we earned hard with quality games and that is what we want to focus on - to get back to that quality."