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Warner hits out after comedian's FIFA stunt

Jack Warner has hit back at British comedian John Oliver who hired airtime on Trinidad television in order to urge the former FIFA vice-president to reveal everything he knows about alleged corruption at football's crisis-hit world governing body.

Warner (inset) said Oliver, the presenter of US show Last Week Tonight, had embarrassed the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago in the four-minute comedy address. Warner also criticised CNN TV6, the Caribbean nation's largest private broadcaster, for giving him the platform.

"It is really incomprehensible how a local TV station, a national TV station, could allow a foreigner, most of all an American foreigner, to come into this country, to embarrass its citizens, to embarrass our people," Warner said on YouTube.

Warner is on bail in his homeland of Trinidad facing extradition to the United States after being one of the people indicted by American authorities over allegations of corruption.

The fall-out from ongoing corruption and bribery investigations at FIFA continued with the sacking of communications director Walter De Gregorio.

He appeared to have oversteppd the mark after making a joke on Swiss TV. The joke was: "The FIFA president, secretary general and communications director are in a car. Who's driving? Answer: The police."

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