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Viva Espana! Multinational IT staff vote Spain to win

NOT everybody in Ireland is backing the boys in green -- as these photos prove.

Workers at DELL and Microsoft are battling it out for bragging rights ahead of Euro 2012.

Both companies have employees from all 16 of the countries involving in the tournament -- including Ireland's rivals Croatia, Spain and Italy.

And in what could be a sign of things to come, it was Spain who were Ireland's biggest rivals for support -- with the Spanish having twice as much support as any other nation present.

Unsurprisingly, then, most members of staff from both companies predicted a triumphant tournament for Spain, with the majority of fans optimistic that Trap's team could emerge from the group stage although they struggled to see the team progressing any further. Azzurri fans in Microsoft were bullish that their team could advance but Croatian supporters were not so optimistic, noting it was "a particularly tricky group".