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Vidic: Fergie magic down to trust

MANCHESTER United skipper Nemanja Vidic believes it is the trust and belief Alex Ferguson has in his players that makes him such a great manager.

Ferguson will celebrate an incredible 25 years in the Old Trafford hot-seat on Sunday, having long since established himself as the most successful British manager of all time.

He retains a fierce hunger for success and confirmed yesterday he has no immediate plans to retire, even though he will turn 70 on New Year's Eve.

But Vidic claims Ferguson has a softer side too, and he ensures his players always feel good about themselves.

"The most important thing he gives to players is confidence," said Vidic.

"He believes in them. He trusts them.

"When you have a hard time, he is always there for you. This is what helped me, especially in the first six months.

"He helps players move from the bad times -- and we all have them.

"Obviously, with the experience he has and the trophies he has won, it doesn't take me to say how important he is to this club."

Ferguson is also willing to have a joke, knowing exactly when to put his game head on again.

"Sometimes he can be really hard, sometimes he can be nice," said Vidic.

"This is the thing. He always knows how he should act with the players. That is why I think he is a great manager."