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Vest way for Iniesta to pay Jarque final tribute

Andres Iniesta dedicated his winning goal in the World Cup final to former Espanyol defender Dani Jarque, who died after suffering a heart attack in August 2009 at the age of 26.

When Iniesta volleyed the ball past Maarten Stekelenburg he ripped off his kit to reveal a vest reading: "Dani Jarque is always with us." Iniesta explained that he did so to honour the memory of his deceased friend.

"This is for Dani Jarque, for my family, for all of the people. It is the result of hard work over a long time and some difficult moments."

Iniesta was inevitably booked for removing his shirt, which he won't have worried about too much having won the World Cup and paid homage to a deceased friend.

But the incident shows that compulsory bookings for shirt-removal should be dependent on what lies underneath.

If, for example, it is a T-shirt message in tribute to a deceased player after scoring in the World Cup final, you should, probably, get a pass.