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United need new Maguire... and a partner for him


Harry Maguire

Harry Maguire

Harry Maguire

The transfer window closed this week with Manchester United in the same position as when the window was still open - they don't have a team that's anywhere near good enough to finish in the top four.

They have signed Edinson Cavani, who could be a good signing - he's still a good striker, who will score goals in the Premier League.

But scoring goals is not the problem at that club, they have some really good attacking players. It's a strong front line when it's on form. It's as good as anything in the Premier League.

The problems are further back. Paul Pogba has done nothing this season so far, maybe they needed to be brave, just give up on him and sign a midfield player who will run and who will impact games.


Or else a defender who can add security to the back line is missing. But it's hard for a club to just give up on a £90million player.

United desperately needed a left back, Luke Shaw was just awful last weekend, not just his play but his discipline.

When he hacked down Lucas Moura, it just showed what United are about at the moment - the lack of confidence and the lack of discipline.

I don't know if their new left-back signing, Alex Telles, is up to the challenge. He has a good pedigree and has come from a good club, Porto, so he could work for them.

They will hope he is the one who can cement a problem position.

Before the window closed, United looked to the future by signing a couple of young players, who may not be in the first team for a few years.

United don't need players for the future, they need players in that team now.

United spent too long on the deal to try and get Jadon Sancho - it was like it was back to the Arsene Wenger model, buying the same player over and over again.

Why didn't United just go and sign a centre-half? They need a partner for Harry Maguire (below), but Maguire himself is not up to much at the moment, so they need a new Harry Maguire, and then they need a partner for him.

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Not signing any defensive cover was a huge mistake.

Their way of doing things has been shown up by other clubs, with Arsenal doing a nice bit of business at the tail end of the window.

Arsenal's manager Mikel Arteta has a clear picture of how he wants his team to play and signed central midfield Thomas Partey.

The Gunners' boss looked at him and Chelsea's Jorginho, but opted for Partey and you can see a team starting to form at the Emirates.

That's not the case at Old Trafford.