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Trotters move no step back, says Andrews

KEITH ANDREWS insists he has not made a step down by leaving Premier League side West Brom to hook up with Bolton Wanderers, despite that club’s struggles in the Championship which this week cost Owen Coyle his job as manager.

ANDREWS is in the Ireland squad for tonight’s game at home to Germany, his first taste of international action since Euro 2012 and his first time with the panel since he left West Brom for Bolton.

“The move has been good for me and I’m enjoying it at Bolton. It’s a massive club that really is geared up for the Premier League, so we have to try and get promotion. Results haven’t been great in the last few weeks but I feel we can still make a real stab at promotion because a club like this needs to be in the Premier League,” Andrews says.

“I know it was seen as a risk by me that I left West Brom and moved down to the Championship, but there’s no point in just being in the Premier League if you’re only a squad player, at the age I’m at now I need to be playing every week.

“And I also wanted to get my teeth into something, be part of something that was driving forward, not just about sustaining your league position. I felt that something good could happen at this club this season.

“I certainly didn’t see coming here as a step down, and if Roy Hodgson was still in charge at West Brom it would have been a different matter as I really enjoyed working under Roy, but I am glad to be at the Reebok,” he added.