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Trap's Ireland to take on the Chinese

GIOVANNI TRAPATTONI is looking forward to a summer full of East European promise but Ireland's boss will have to set his sights further afield in September for a friendly with China.

Ireland will open their World Cup 2014 campaign with a long-haul flight to Kazakhstan on September 7.

However, they have a blank date in the calendar on September 11, when Austria meet Germany and Sweden host the group minnows.

It now looks like China will supply the opposition on that date.

Ireland beat China in the Japanro Cup tournament in Sapparo in 1984.

Meanwhile, Euro 2012 doubt Stephen Hunt, who is recovering from a groin operation, has criticised Wolves' training regime under Mick McCarthy.

"You don't flog a horse -- you don't race him every day. We may have trained too hard, that's my view," said Hunt.

"But that has been addressed.

"Training has been a lot better. There are no complaints," added Hunt.